Have you been enjoying the benefits of chiropractic care but feel like you could use even more relief? One option to consider is using massage therapy to complement your chiropractic visits. The two therapies work really well together. You often get more benefits from the combination of massage therapy and chiropractic care than you do from either therapy on its own. Here's some more information on adding massage therapy to your chiropractic care routine.

Which therapy should you schedule first?

Should you have a chiropractic adjustment followed by a massage, or a massage followed by a chiropractic adjustment? In most cases, you're better off having the massage first. The massage will loosen your muscles up, which will make it easier for the chiropractor to move and manipulate your vertebrae. The looser muscles will also make it easier for your vertebrae to stay in place after the adjustment, which means your pain and discomfort may not return as soon. Some people are able to wait longer between chiropractic adjustments if they have massages before those adjustments.

What type of massage should you get?

If you are primarily getting the massage for therapeutic reasons, then you'll want to look for either a sports massage, a Swedish massage, or a therapeutic massage. All three of these massage styles really focus on addressing deeper muscle adhesions and knots. Other types of massage therapy, like hot stone massages and Thai massages, are really relaxing and have their own benefits, but they're not necessarily as helpful when performed before a chiropractic adjustment.

What body parts should you have massaged?

If possible, try to schedule a full-body massage. You may feel that your pain is the worst in a certain place, such as along your back or neck. However, the pain could be due to compensation for another sore or stiff body part. It's a good idea to have your whole body massaged to relieve any hidden tension you're not noticing. Also, while they are massaging your whole body, your massage therapist may notice some other spots where you're sore and point them out to you. Then, you can point these spots out to your chiropractor, and they can amend your treatments accordingly.

Massage therapy and chiropractic care are two very complementary therapies. If you're already visiting the chiropractor, consider adding massages in to your regular routine. You'll feel that much better, and your chiropractor should notice a difference, too.