Most cases of whiplash are caused by car accidents. The force that arises from an auto accident leads strains the muscles in the neck. When this occurs, doctors typically diagnose it as whiplash. Before you can obtain the right treatments for whiplash, your doctor will need to diagnose it. Here is an explanation of what whiplash is, how doctors diagnose it, and how they treat it.

What Whiplash Is and How It Feels

A car accident can happen so quickly that you might not remember what even happened. In most car accident cases, a car collides with another car at a high speed. The force that occurs during this brief exchange causes the neck and head to move so quickly that it can lead to a whiplash injury.

You might not feel any pain right away after the collision, as it might take a day or two to feel it. When you finally feel the symptoms, you will likely feel soreness in your neck. You might notice that you cannot move your neck as well as you could before the accident. Whiplash tends to limit a person's range of motion. Your neck and head might hurt, too, and you might also feel pain in your arms. Some cases of whiplash are worse than others, but you should never ignore neck and head pain after getting in a car accident. You might have whiplash or some other health problem from the trauma you experienced.

The Ways Doctors Diagnose It

Doctors and chiropractors can diagnose whiplash in several ways. In some cases, it is simple to diagnose by evaluating the symptoms a person has. If the person has soreness in their head and neck and limited mobility, it is most likely whiplash. If your doctor is unsure whether you have it or not, they can perform tests. Some doctors might recommend testing to determine if there are additional problems, too, such as broken bones or tissue damage.

For example, some doctors and chiropractors take x-rays of the neck area to see more details. Others might suggest getting a CT scan or an MRI. These tests can help medical professionals see more details about the injuries.

The Methods for Treating It

If your doctor diagnoses you with whiplash, they will suggest various treatments for the problem. If the case is minor, you might not need any treatment. With major whiplash injuries, you will benefit through treatment options. One option is using ice and heat. Before using this option, ask a chiropractor how to use it. They will tell you how often to use ice and heat and how long to keep it on your neck.

Next, you can use physical therapy. Physical therapy involves exercises that build and strengthen muscles. One of the primary goals of physical therapy is to increase the range of motion. Through the right exercises and activities, you will find relief from the pain and regain movement of your neck.

Chiropractic adjustments also help many people find relief from the pain of whiplash. In fact, a chiropractor can use various techniques to treat this condition. They might suggest massage therapy, exercises, and other treatment programs.

You can also use medication to alleviate the pain you feel from whiplash. You can use over-the-counter medications or prescriptions from your doctor.

Do you think that you might have whiplash? If so, visit a doctor to find out. Treating whiplash is vital if you have this condition, and you should not wait too long to treat it. To learn more about whiplash and whiplash treatment options, talk to your doctor or chiropractor today.