Many pregnant women suffer from a great deal of physical pain and discomfort throughout their pregnancy, and a lot of this has to do with the way that their body is changing to accommodate the baby growing inside of them. While some women feel that this is pain that they are just going to have to deal with, this definitely isn't the case. Going to a chiropractor during pregnancy can help women treat a variety of different things. This article will discuss 2 excellent reasons to visit a chiropractor during pregnancy. 

Back Pain

Back pain is very common amongst pregnant women because the back is directly affected by the baby's growth. As your baby grows, your abdomen extends outward more and more. Because of this, you are going to feel more and more pressure in your back. This may cause your spine to curve in ways that it never has before, which can cause a great deal of strain on your back. The increased weight may also make it hard to have good posture, which in turn creates more back pain. A chiropractor can help to treat these issues by working on re-aligning the spine and decreasing some of that pressure. While this isn't something that can be "fixed" until after the baby is born, visiting the chiropractor regularly can help to manage the pain throughout the course of your pregnancy. 

Pelvic Adjustment

During pregnancy a woman's pelvis is completely re-shaping itself in preparation to deliver a baby. While this is a necessary change that has to happen, it can sometimes move in such a way that it confines the baby's movement and sometimes even their growth. Going into the chiropractor for a pelvic adjustment is an excellent idea because they will be able to work with your pelvis to adjust it and bring it into alignment with the rest of your lower body. This can allow your baby to move more freely, helping them to properly adjust themselves. For example, if your baby is in the breech position (feet down) and you are at risk for a c-section, adjusting your pelvis may help your baby to move into head-down position. This will then eliminate the need for a c-section, which is very relieving for most women. Also, allowing the baby to grow properly by adjusting the pelvis is something that is crucial for a baby to be healthy and well proportioned. 

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