Whether you are a career person who focuses his or her life on work, a busy wife raising children, a construction worker who literally carries heavy loads, or a person who just needs a break during the week, here are some ideas that might help you to do just that.

Check the Calendar - Think about looking for that one day during the week when you can actually take time off to spend on yourself. Perhaps it's a day off work, a day where the kids can stay with your mom or another trusted caretaker, or just a day on the calendar that you leave blank. Whatever the situation is, remind yourself that by taking care of yourself, you'll be better prepared to fulfill your other obligations.

Choose Something You Love To Do - Consider favorite past times that have been neglected. Another idea is to think of things you've wanted to do but that you have not prioritized:

  • If you love golfing, bowling or any other sport, think about joining friends one day out of the week to have some fun.
  • Perhaps you have always wanted to learn a new language or a new skill. If so, consider taking lessons once a week. Some libraries offer free classes in everything from languages to quilting. Hobby and craft stores also offer art classes, cake decorating classes, and other classes that involve products they sell at the store.
  • How about taking day trips? Think about going antiquing in neighboring towns, visiting points of interest that are not too far away, or just going with your spouse or a friend to look at beautiful sights. 

Take Care of Your Body - Busy people sometimes forget to simply take care of themselves. Perhaps they'll remember their yearly physical, their six-month dental check up, and other major things, but smaller things can be neglected.

  • Have you ever been to a chiropractor? Consider making an appointment for an alignment that will make your entire body feel better. If it helps, consider returning for additional treatments. You may be scheduled for weekly visits and, as your body alignment improves, the visits will be less often. 
  • Think about getting massage therapy periodically. Once a week would be heavenly and, as stress leaves your body and you feel yourself begin to totally relax, you'll probably feel that the visit was worth every penny. The massage therapist has been trained to know which pressure points need the most attention. Be sure to inform the therapist if the massage is too deep or if you would prefer an even deeper massage. Essential oils like lavender will help to soothe your muscles and joints. 

Over time you'll see how taking breaks to spend time on yourself can help you be a more productive person.