Headaches come in different shapes and sizes and the pharmacy shelves are stocked with all kinds of remedies. Most of these products work to treat the pain once it has hit, rather than find a way to prevent it. When it comes to preventing headaches at the source, the solution may be as simple as a visit to the chiropractor.

Fitting the Treatment to the Headache

When you first see a chiropractor for headaches, be prepared to give in-depth descriptions on how often you have headaches, where the pain starts, times of day that they initially hit, and any situations that may encourage them to start. All of these details help the chiropractor figure out what type of headaches you are experiencing so that they can more accurately treat you. The different types of headaches and treatment for prevention are as follows:

Tension Headaches: Approximately 75% of people get this type of headache. These usually start during the afternoon and may be worse when experiencing different emotions or stresses. While not as severe as a migraine, these headaches have a different type of agony in neck pain and tenderness.

How it's treated: Studies have linked tension headaches to problems in the spine. The sufferer may experience limited movement, have misaligned bones, or both. The best way to prevent future headaches is to have a chiropractor give you an adjustment. This will put the different sections of the spine all back where they belong and limit their ability to cut off any nerves.

Migraines: These are the most terrible type of headaches because they can put a person completely out of commission. Some of the symptoms include losing sight, losing clear thinking abilities, losing limb function, and throwing up.

How it's treated: An adjustment can also help to prevent migraines, but it isn't a chiropractor's only trick. The doctor can manipulate the bones to get them into place, apply hot or cold to the affected area, or even do electroshock therapy.

Cervicogenic or Muscular Headache: The most common reason for this type of headache is whiplash. However, just about any kind of neck distress can cause these, including falls or other neck accidents.

How it's treated: Chiropractors are trained in many techniques including exercise and relaxation techniques. Along with these suggestions, getting tips on proper posture can help limit the number of headaches you experience.

As you can see, there are different headaches caused by different circumstances. Pain medications act like a one-pill-fits-all, but prevention and treatment should fit each individual situation. If you suffer from headaches, try giving a chiropractor a chance to make a difference.