Back pain has a significant impact on the manner in which you live your day-to-day life, including your personal and professional affairs. When back pain strikes working, or even engaging with your children, can become extremely challenging. Did you know that your shoes could be causing your back pain? Although it might seem hard to understand, something as seemingly harmless as your shoes can exacerbate or cause pain in your back. Make sure you understand what shoe styles to avoid to keep back pain at a minimum.

Toning Shoes

These days, most people either don't want to or can't seem to find the time to exercise. Consequently, when toning shoes came out, it seemed people went to the stores in droves looking for this instant fix. Toning shoes have a curved sole form that is designed to help you burn extra fat and tone up your legs. Seems like a perfect solution, right?

The reality is that toning shoes are actually a bad idea for people who have even minor issues with back pain. When you walk, the thick curved sole on these shoes prevents you from properly flexing your foot when you walk. As a result, this ends up flattening any arch you have, causing your body to absorb much of the shock and impact generated each time you take a step. Over time, this absorption leads to sore muscles in your back, knees and hips.

Flat Shoes

Although it might be hard to believe, shoes that are too flat can also cause you to develop issues with back pain or exacerbate any current conditions, specifically those that include the muscles in your back. When shopping for flat shoes it's important for you to understand that there is such a thing as too flat. Flat shoes lack adequate support, which prevents the shoe from absorbing the impact caused by walking. 

Very thin flip-flops are one of the primary culprits of this problem. While you don't have to completely remove flat shoes from your wardrobe, try to keep wear of them to a minimum. Additionally, when you do wear this style of shoe use an orthotics insert to help provide the shoe with additional support.

In addition to ensuring that you are wearing the appropriate types of shoes, it is also important to consider professional assistance. A chiropractor, like one at Chiropractor Plus, won't just offer you pain relief, but also assist you with other lifestyle changes that can help minimize your risk of back pain.