Constant back pain can be crippling to the point where you cannot do daily tasks without intense pain on your backside. Here are some simple exercises that can be done by you at home to help decrease pain and stretch your back.

Leg Lifts

Start flat on your back on the ground then fully extend your leg straight into the air and then back down. When your leg is in the air your back should remain flat on the ground and shoulders should not come off. Do the lift five to ten times on one leg and then switch to the other. Every day you should increase the number of leg lifts you do on each leg to build up strength. This will also help stretch out the muscles on the back.

Heel Slide

Laying flat on your back on the ground, slide your knee up and your heel back to the buttocks. Keep your knee pointed toward the ceiling to stretch out your knee and help to break up any scar tissue that is preventing your knee from being flexible. Repeat this exercise multiple times on each knee and then switch to the other knee. This exercise will build your flexibility will strengthening your hamstring muscles that will allow your knee a wider range of motion.

Losing Weight

Walking is a great way to get the exercise and decrease the amount of weight the back is forced to support. Start by walking five minutes a day around the block, and then add an additional five minutes to your walk each day until you are walking for at least thirty minutes a day. This type of exercise will help with weight loss when combined with a healthy diet, which will alleviate the amount of stress placed on your back.

If the following exercises listed above do not help fix your back pain then you should immediately consult with a chiropractor. Chiropractor care can work one-on-one to examine the muscles, tissues and how they all work together in the back. They can also crack the spine and rest it into proper position to help reduce the amount of stress placed on the back on a daily basis. A spine should never be adjusted by anyone other than a trained chiropractic professional as serious damage can be done to the back if the back is adjusted improperly or not put into the correct position.