When it comes to back and neck pain, it's not just middle-aged or older people suffering anymore.  The British Chiropractic Association recently found that nearly a third of young people between 16 and 34 years have experienced neck or back pain for up to a month. 

The reason? The main culprit appears to be an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.  In that same research, 40% of respondents have jobs which mainly consist of sitting for long periods of time. Another possible problem for young people is bad posture while using phones and tablets extensively.  

What Can You Do?

There are several things you can do to help overcome and eliminate chronic pain.  

Posture.  Take a look at your workstation and consider how it can be used to promote good posture while you work. The chair should provide good lower back support and allow for your knees to be at about the same level as your hips.  Keyboards or writing surfaces should likewise allow your elbows to be at a roughly 90 degree angle to the floor and to be open and loose.  

Exercise.  Good at improving many aspects of overall health, a routine of moderate exercise can help strengthen muscles in the neck and back as well as increasing flexibility in others.  One exercise move that has helped relieve neck pain in a simple way is called shoulder abduction.  It is accomplished by securing a resistance band on the floor and moving the arms away from the side of the body to 90 degrees or more.  It takes 2 or 3 minutes.  

Take Breaks.  Ergonomic experts recommend taking a 10 minute break at least every 1 to 2 hours and using the time to walk and do a few simple stretching exercises.  Limit phone and tablet use to no more than 15 minutes at a time and practice neck stretches between use.  

Heat and Cold.  A simple method for helping manage back and neck pain involves use of hot and cold packs on the affected areas.  Apply heat and cold for 20 minutes each, alternating a few times per day.  And remember never to put ice packs directly on skin.     

Noninvasive Pain Management.  It's best to start with conservative medical treatment for chronic pain problems.  Chiropractic adjustment has provided some of the best results without resorting to surgical procedures or drugs.  Contact professionals, such as those from Mauk Chiropractic, for further assistance.

Ignoring chronic pain comes with its own risks.  Chief among these is that failing to address the problem can cause it to become worse over time. And chronic pain often causes people to avoid some activities or opportunities, reducing their enjoyment of life. Home treatment and regular noninvasive medical care can help you avoid losing out during the prime years of your life.